Vaccine Rollout Must Stop

Mike Ryan interviews Dr Peter McCullough from the United States, Texas, who recommends that the vaccine rollout be shut down

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Dr Peter McCullough says we must shut down the vaccine rollout now

30th June 2021 | 17:55

Australia is again facing state-wide lockdowns despite the availability of vaccines, low covid-19 cases and no deaths. The vaccine rollout is the center of attention with the private sector to now be brought in to speed up vaccination. Vaccines seems to offer no protection against the Delta. UK research reports the Delta is the mildest. Given the concern in rising vaccine safety reports recorded in VAERS and the way in which the vaccines genetically work, there are now calls worldwide to take the vaccines off the market.

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We are a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals who are concerned about the health impacts of the lockdowns used in response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in Victoria and across Australia.

We are also concerned about the lack of good information available to the general public and the misleading use of data. These factors have created an unwarranted state of fear in our community.

We aim to detail the harms of the lockdowns, describe clearly the virulence and risks of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, critique aspects of the management policies and make this information readily available to the general public.