Disclaimer, Condition Of Use and Warranty

Disclaimer, Condition Of Use and Warranty for the 'Truth Behind The Science' section.

We make no warranty on the correctness of the information.

  • The data is continuously changing. Whatever conclusions were made at the time of writing the report or at the date mentioned, may no longer apply in the future. But the overall theme remains.
  • Although professional due care was exercised, and an independent veracity check was performed no guarantee is given to the accuracy reported here in.
  • Data integrity is unreliable. It is impossible to know how much doctoring and manipulation occurs throughout different countries. It is impossible to know how many short cuts were taken. It is impossible to know how many deaths and cases were not recorded. The report is as good as the data.
  • Considerable information came from our sources and experts in Wuhan and Australia which included virologists and medical professionals, who have different viewpoints to their peers. The report is dependent on the reliability of these sources and publicly available information.
  • The statistics reported are valid at the time only. As time passes the statistics need to be revised. The reader is advised to check calculations with latest data, which may change perspective and conclusions.
  • We are not virologists and make no attempt to. But we are real world data and situation analysts with over 3 decades experience. We do know about data integrity, modelling, the futility of over testing, testing errors, jumping to conclusions and ways to extract information not recognized by others.
  • We are not medical experts but have worked with hospitals, and medical practitioners for many years. We are not academics but have academic university backgrounds.
  • No guarantee is given to the correct use of terminology. Pandemic and Epidemic is used interchangeably. The reader needs to know that epidemic refers to many people within a population and pandemic over multiple countries.
    Sometimes the word rate is used, such as death rate. Rate refers to time, but the term is used extensively by other experts and so has been used in here also.
    SARS-CoV-2 is the virus and Covid-19 the lung related disease, not necessarily new complications reported. Sometimes these two are used interchangeably.
  • It is not possible to be hundred percent politically correct. Some conclusions may seem general, but common-sense must dictate that there are exceptions.
  • This report is about the science used to manage the virus. There are many other science applications for viruses which are not covered because these fall outside our area of expertise.
  • Several conclusions have been drawn. There is no guarantee that the conclusion is correct. Readers need to draw their own conclusion.
  • A condition of use of the page is that you do not hold Covid Medical Network Ltd or Author or Qtech International liable for any loss or damage caused by using the information on this page.


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