Covid-19 Science

The science behind the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Can we be sure that common cold out breaks were not sometimes due to SARS-CoV-2 when we did not test as extensively as now?

By Juergen Ude : 13th February 2021

The key to controlling the pandemic is believed to be testing. We cannot concur based on our analysis and commonsense is enough to conclude the futility of the huge amount of testing conducted once a virus has taken a foot hold. Earlier in a pandemic is not disputed. Another snippet will report that testing has not had a noticeable effect. We just assume it does.

One modern PCR ‘machine’ under ideal conditions can provide 300+ tests in 24 hours. Someone must prepare the samples. That is a tedious job. As unpalatable as it may sound, it would be naïve to believe that short cuts were not taken by those who must perform this mundane job. We have seen it too many times even when laboratories made it clear, “we take our testing integrity very serious and have checks in place that prevent this”.

Do we have enough PCR machines to perform tens of thousands of tests a day? Do we fall back on less reliable methods as some countries do?

Testing relies on measurements and yet no scientific measurement system analysis results could be located, at least according to our standards. This does not mean that there were no validations performed. We located a number, but they all used highly dubious science.

How can we be so confident that the technology is so advanced that we are not at times detecting genetic material from a different related harmless corona virus, or indeed other viruses, which react similarly to the primers.

It is not scientific to assume a high resolution without running properly designed experiments.

We and other experts have for almost a year suggested that SARS-CoV-2 may have already existed, we just did not know about it, because we did not test for it. Only now some experts are expressing the possibility that the virus may have started earlier. Just because you have not found a virus previously does not mean it never existed before.

So, can we be sure that in the past common cold out breaks were not sometimes due to SARS-CoV-2 when we did not test as extensively as now?

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Dr Juergen Ude has a certificate in applied chemistry, a degree in applied science majoring in statistics and operations research as top student, a masters in economics with high distinctions in every subject, and a PhD in computer modelling and algorithms. He has lectured at Monash University on subjects of data analysis, computer modelling, and quality & reliability.

Prior to founding his own company (Qtech International Pty Ltd), Dr Ude worked as a statistician and operations researcher for 18 years in management roles having saved employers millions of dollars through his AI and ML algorithms. Through Qtech International, Dr Ude has developed data analysis solutions in over 40 countries for leading corporations such as Alcoa, Black and Decker, Coca-Cola Amatil, US Vision and many more. Additionally he has developed campaign analysis software for politicians.