Melbourne GP In Sunshine North Raided

No search warrant! Patient records seized! No patient confidentiallity under new laws!

Dr Mark Hobart Raided By 'Authorised Officers'

Wednesday 10th November 2021
'Authorised officers' from the Victorian Department of Health raided Dr Mark Hobart's surgery allegedly seizing private patient files, appointment book and other various documents.

The raid was recorded on a Facebook livestream by the host of the MCJ Report, Mogan C Jonas, who was at the scene.


According to Dr Hobart, NO search warrant was served NOR did the officers provide explanation for what they were searching for. At one point, the officers questioned the receptionist about her vaccination status requesting that 'the doctor' has to show proof of double vaccination in which Dr Hobart replied "I don't feel comfortable with giving out people's medical information".

Documents seized by the authorised officers were not declared to Dr Hobart. According to the officers an itemised list would be provided later.

"I have just been invaded by 7 authorised officers from the Department of Health and they have seized my confidential patient files and my appointment book and various other documents. They say they are going to give me an itemised list of what they've taken. And there was quite an intimating experience. I think they've gone now..." said Dr Hobart. "They just came here to seize files […] they all just came in and started walking around."

The sunshine north clinic was shut down due to Dr Hobart's refusal to hand over private patient records. He was told that under the NEW LAWS, there is no such thing as patient confidentiality. The authorised officers were allegedly acting under the current Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Dr Mark Hobart is an honorable, well respected family GP of 30 years with a general practice located in Sunshine North, Victoria. He has been concerned for some time about the welfare of the elderly, the lack of information available to the public and the reliance on lockdowns in managing Covid-19. His commitment and ethics to uphold his oath to 'do no harm' is evident by the overwhelming support of his patients and colleagues.