Covid vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds - NINE CONCERNS!

Letter by CMN to Professor Nigel Crawford (ATAGI Chairman)
As we have now reached high vaccination rates, it is our duty as protectors of the health and wellbeing of the Australian people to cease any further vaccination, particularly of the young, until full data analysis can be made.
Friday 10th December 2021

Dear Professor Crawford

It is of great concern for multiple reasons Australia’s preeminent regulatory and protective body for immunisation, ATAGI is recommending Covid vaccination for 5-to-11-year-olds. We have identified nineconcerns and outline them below.

  • The Federal Minster for Health Mr Greg Hunt is on record clearly stating that the SARS-CoV–2 vaccines are experimental, and the trial will continue until January or March 2023. The introduction of the vaccine was originally approved and rushed through urgently under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) with only Pfizer's word taken that it was safe and effective. Only now is some of the trial data being released and what is alarming is the full release of the data is not proposed until 2096. Prior to the vaccine roll- out there has been no trial performed on children for which no data has been released. Despite many unknowns, vaccine manufacturers have been completely indemnified against adverse reactions or death.
  • It is well documented that Covid itself presents minimal to no threat to the health and wellbeing of children. Indeed, data on mortality shows it to be less of a threat than seasonal influenza. The Doherty Institute has extensive research published supporting this fact.
  • For any medical intervention, as medical practitioners we are bound to 'first do no harm'.
  • For any medical intervention, three things must be considered: safety, efficacy, and necessity. If there is little to no necessity, then by default the intervention must be both extremely effective and with minimal to zero side effects.
  • The efficacy of the currently available vaccines is proving to be far less than originally stated. The loss of protection as you are aware is such that, around the globe booster shots are now being recommended within 6 months of the second dose, and the concept of four to six monthly boosters is being promulgated. In the face of high vaccination rates in many countries, the rate of Covid diagnoses and now of new variant diagnoses is increasing. The efficacy is clearly not at the level first promoted.
  • The safety of the vaccinations particularly in young persons, is being increasingly questioned around the globe and in several countries such as Sweden, Denmark & Italy vaccination of the young has been halted.
  • Dr Steven Grundy's recently published paper in 'Circulation' the prestigious journal of the American Heart Association, gives an underlying pathophysiological explanation for why that might be. His expertise in the area and recent research found that there is measurable endothelial inflammation and influx of T cells into the endothelium, a mechanism which explains the already noted and acknowledged increase in myocarditis and pericarditis, more common in young males.
  • The precise number of young people being affected is unclear, because many will not seek medical attention and there is no routine follow up for each individual who has been vaccinated. It would seem contradictory that vaccines are being effectively mandated and yet adverse reaction reporting systems are difficult to use and only voluntarily.
  • Anecdotally, it is widely reported by both patients and medical staff alike that hospital Emergency Departments are being overrun by vaccine adverse reaction cases. These apparently are not recorded either because they are not acknowledged as such, or staff are not able to take the time to do so, or they have been warned not to or they fail to see the association.

The data to support all these statements is vast and changing rapidly. As new figures are becoming available from around the world at a rapid rate, this fact alone should give us cause to pause and reconsider.

Furthermore, there is voluminous available data with regards to the Pfizer vaccine and its side effects. For your benefit, please find attached a copy of Pfizer's Post-Marketing Experience up to 28th February 2021 Report. This Pfizer produced report provides both analysis and insight, detailing the adverse reactions worldwide which have been reported and processed up to that date. Even to that date, with minimal roll out of vaccination to the young, there were 175 adverse reactions recorded in those younger than 17. This is concerning. The attached letter to the Honourable Greg Hunt provides further analysis of the Pfizer paper.

As we have now reached high vaccination rates, it is our duty as protectors of the health and wellbeing of the Australian people to cease any further vaccination, particularly of the young, until full data analysis can be made. To pursue the vaccination of children with an experimental medical procedure, where there is no material danger to them of the illness they are supposedly being protected against, constitutes medical experimentation and is in breach of the Nuremberg Code. All of us who continue to support this medical experimentation will ultimately be liable for the death and disability of those adversely affected.

We are certain, we all genuinely wish to protect our children. Our belief is that, in this situation, our children are best protected by ceasing any further vaccination with the experimental Covid 'vaccines', and instead by careful and open real world prospective data analysis.

Yours faithfully